2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, is a tribute to the Father of Nation- ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, which is also celebrated as the International day of Non-Violence all across the country.


Besides educating the country about the power and importance of non-violence, Bapu, originally named as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, have always been a great source of motivation for all. His legendary life has inspired generations all across the globe including various great personalities like Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and current incumbent Barak Obama. On today’s memorable day, we edify the hordes of fitness enthusiasts about Bapu’s five nuggets of wisdom that can help you lead a healthier, improved life.

His key to detoxification


Mahatma Gandhi’s very famous Anshan or the fasting is globally used as a powerful weapon against injustice. Besides being a silent ammunition for Bapu, (routine) fasting has been a great contributor to his strong immune system and healthy body (which helped him live for 78 long years until he was shot dead).

Maybe not a prolonged fasting like Gandhi Ji used to do, but practicing it once a week can definitely help you naturally detox your body. It gives you body enough time to absorb unused nutrients and relax the digestion track which eventually helps cleansing of the stomach. Fasting even aids your body to cope up with any infections that might be affecting your body while relieving you from constipation and gastric problems.

The Brahmacharya


Gandhi Ji strongly believed that you body was never meant to be treated as a refuse bin. Instead, your diet should be healthy and controlled by self-restraint. He experimented with a variety of diets throughout his life and even left milk when he pledged to become a complete vegetarian during the Brahmacharya. However, he had to give up the

refusal soon, when his doctor forced him to consume the goat’s milk. Realizing the folly of his youth, soon he included a liter of goat’s milk in his daily diet and even started consuming desi ghee/ butter often. Besides the milk products, his everyday diet was an all-rounded conglomerate of 150g cereals, 75g leafy vegetables, 125 g other vegetables, 25g salad, 40g ghee or butter, and 40-50g jaggery or sugar.

Stay Calm, Stay Healthy


Gandhi Ji always professed that you must follow the path of Ahimsa which is the ultimate way to achieve your goal. Well, you might think that how being non-violent can help you stay healthy from the within. But, it does; the principle of being non-violent teaches us to stay patient, control our mind and stay calm on the outside and from the inside.

The additional, proven benefit of staying calm is that it helps you fight the temptation to binge during stress or smoke/ drink. If you think you are impatient and are annoyed easily, try meditating for at least 10 minutes daily.

Early to bed, Early to rise


The much-known phenomenon to keep your body and soul healthy is to sleep as well as get up on time. Gandhi Ji believed that his pattern of sleeping early and rising before sunrise is the key to optimizing the body and the mind. He used to sleep only for four/five hours a day. However, it cannot be denied that our body needs enough sleep to rest and repair which is why, you must

sleep on time and wake up no sooner your clock alarms you to. To ensure a sound sleep, you must try and workout in the morning (as we do not do the donkeys work like old times) so your body is exerted and you’re able to sleep properly and on time.

Walk to keep your heart healthy


Well, we’d not ask you to walk around 390 kilometers in the (Dandi March) protest to oppose the salt tax, like Bapu, but we’ll suggest you to get inspired by him and walk at least for half an hour every day.  It’s an effective cardiovascular exercise that keeps the heart rate up, burns calories, and strengthens your core, thigh and calf muscles.

It even helps to prevent conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. It could be the best thing you could do for your body.

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