Neetu Chawla, 39, is a well-known Zumba instructor in Delhi. She takes nearly 5 Zumba classes per day, across 5 different locations including Celebrity fitness gym at Rajouri west gate mallCountry club gym at Rajouri city square mallMetabolikx studio in JanakpuriGold’s gym in Janakpuri, Fitness freaks in Janakpuri and Jog and twist studio in Vikaspuri (for booking a free trial session click the links). She’s helped numerous people to change their lives for the better and stay in the pink of the health, and still owns a successful followership across Delhi/NCR. She proudly manages to train more than 100 students per day, in 4 different batches.

Only a few people on the planet might know how bravely she managed to fight her injury and become what she is today. She was almost crippled for life; the transformation happened when she took the charge and decided to change her life forever.

This blog is a glimpse of our interview with Neetu that unfolds the secret behind her evolution and educates us about the two major health and fitness myths. Read on to know more on the story…


Fitraq: What is Zumba?

Neetu Says: Zumba is a fun-filled cardiovascular form of exercise that is based on dance, and it is not monotonous (or boring) like walking on the treadmill or spinning.

Fitraq: What kind of classes do you take?

Neetu Says: I take almost 4 Zumba classes per day at different locations, and we have trainers who take groups sessions on body pump, step aerobics, and aerobics too.

Fitraq: How did Zumba happen?

Neetu Says: It was 2011 when I got introduced to Zumba; I had to practice and perform Zumba for and in a commercial audio-visual ad which was meant for the promotion of Zumba in India. And that was it! I fell in love with Zumba, learned it and eventually became what I am today.

Fitraq: What’s the difference between Zumba and Aerobics?

Neetu Says: Both are cardiovascular exercise. However, Zumba is totally based on Aerobic yet it is more popular because it is based on a different dance forms. Like classical dance forms where the steps are different but the base movement in same- that is dance. Similarly, Zumba and Aerobics have dance in common but the use of Latin dance form makes Zumba one-of-its-kind cardiovascular activity.

Zumba is catching up though aerobics is also a good form of exercise when it comes to losing weight.

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Myth #1

People believe that strength training or the weights are for men and cardio is for women, what do you have to say about it?

Neetu Says: Let’s not talk about men and women, let’s talk about a body. A body needs both- cardio and weights, they both go hand in hand and both need to do cardio as well as strength training.

Women may think that they’ll become bulkier like men, but that’s not true. Lifting light weight helps you tone and do not build robust muscles. Men become muscular because of the testosterone and women do not have this hormone in this amount. But women need strength because of which they need weights. At the end of the day, our heart is also a muscle and you need to train it as well. Thus, weights are meant for both, men and women.

Myth #2

Fitraq: People around 30-40 feel if they’re following a particular fitness regime, they cannot switch to Zumba or any other exercise form? What do you have to say about it?

Neetu Says: It is totally a misconception. I train people aged between 19-20 to 50-55, who perform Zumba and they’re very much active as the other participants. Though, I stay careful with people who have asthma, or any problem, and I inform them not to jump and avoid jerks movements and ask them to make sounds like hey hey hey so I am sure they’re okay and connect to them during the class, but they’re not at all under this impression that if they’re old, they cannot do Zumba.

Fitraq: What’s your fitness regime?


Neetu Says: I take 5 Zumba classes every day, so my cardio is almost done for the day. I do a little bit of strength training and focus more on the diet. Because if you workout you need to understand the ratio needs to be 70% diet and 30% workout. Exercise doesn’t mean you need to spend hours and hours in the gym; exert as much your body allows you to. You need to respect your body and plan your workout properly. The fit is not always slim, you need to be fit mentally and physically. “Fitness is not about having a perfect figure, but a perfect heart and mind which doesn’t have too many tensions and stress.”

Fitraq: What kind of people mostly join your classes? Do they enjoy?

Neetu Says: Majorly those who want to lose weight, attend my class. And Yes, they do enjoy a lot. People who take these classes just go crazy while performing Zumba, they forget everything and the class work as a stress-buster for them. They interact, they make friends and get motivated in group classes. Along with a sense of competition amongst them.

Fitraq: People find it difficult to maintain and sustain a fitness routine. What do you suggest?


Neetu Says: Let me give you my own example; I was severely injured a couple of years back and doctors had almost given up on my condition and said that I would never even walk….there were no hopes, but I took the charge and decided that yes I will achieve what I want and prove this person wrong. “You have to push yourself no one else would do it. Forcefully done things do not last for long.” For those who find it difficult must know that it is not impossible. If they can initiate a fitness regime, they certainly have the stamina and enthusiasm to achieve the goal. They just need to push and motivate themselves.

Fitraq: Any class for the beginner or a seasoned Zumba practitioner?

Neetu Says: No, anybody can come and it’s a challenge for me to make a non-dancer, a well-trained Zumba dancer. I give them a simple, repetitive yet safe program that anybody can follow.

Most of the people who attend the first class, feel out of place but then they do it again in the following classes they become more comfortable and confident about their moves. Eventually, you get it! Most of the times participants remember the steps and do it by themselves. KISS-keep is safe and simple.

Neetu Chawla is the mother of two. With a motto to change the life of self and thousands of people around, Neetu Chawla has become the source of motivation for many. She not only believes in educating the hordes of fitness freaks about the importance of health and fitness but also teaches them how to stay happy and respect their body.

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